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Nikolai Gogol - A Bohemian Satirist And Dreamer

Nikolai Gogol, one of the most creative authors in all of literature, was born in Velykie Sorochyntsi, Mirgorodsky District of the Russian Empire to a family of landowning gentry. Named after Saint Nicholas The Wonderworker, Nikolai was baptized in the Church of the Transfiguration and spent his boyhood on an ancestral estate, in the colorful and folklore rich Cossack Malorussian countryside. Gogol grew up an imaginative and artistic child, helping stage plays in his uncle’s home theater, much like his father Vasiliy Gogol-Yanovskiy, an enthusiastic amateur dramaturge, actor and conductor.   At the age of twelve, Nikolai was sent-off to Nezhyn School, a boarding school for boys. The usually secretive and shy “Mysterious Karla”, as he was called by peers, became know for his sharp tongue and brilliant mimicry, proving himself an exceptionally gifted comedic actor. Gogol’s smashing performances, especially his portrayal of aged characters, had the audience “spinning in the aisles”.

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