EST. 2013 LONDON


For centuries, fairy tales and fables, brimful of magic and deep significance, moved and inspired poets, painters and composers to create captivating works of art.

Refusing prevailing stereotypes, rethinking and discovering new values in The Brothers Grimm classic tale "Snow White", fine artist Elena Vladimir Baranoff, presents her auteur vision of this poetic image, in a new artwork entitled "The Magic Mirror".
The abundant imagination of the artist gave complete creative freedom to express and communicate to the viewer all the emotions and feelings by means of harmonious composition and ornament of drawing.

The mirror, represented in the form of an apple, and the image of Snow White clasping the irresistible fruit, are the embodiment of temptation. The apple - a symbol of enticement and the mirror - a voice of truth, a link between two contrary worlds.

In her magically romantic artwork, the artist seeks to reveal how fine the boundary is between goodness and wickedness, and that love and kindness shall always prevail.

Created as an independent work of art, the fine graphite drawing, is a foundation for further manifestation of the original composition in linear-graphic and painterly techniques.

The experiment shall allow the artist to explore how various visual art methods are able to transform an artwork.

"The Magic Mirror"

By Elena Vladimir Baranoff
Graphite Pencil On Board
18" x 24" inches
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