EST. 2013 LONDON



Founded by egg tempera masters Elena Vladimir Baranoff and Anastasia Elena Baranoff, Egg Tempera Movement (Tempera Movement) promotes new and original works of fine art created in egg tempera, inspiring interest among the public and art collectors in this rare and extraordinary centuries old technique.

The primary medium of fine art painters up to the Early Renaissance, egg tempera, so unique for its hand preparation of paints, made from natural stones such a lapis lazuli and malachite, durability and luminosity of colors, which do not alter their brilliance over centuries of time, is one of the oldest painting mediums known to mankind, found in the art of cave paintings, the art of the Egyptians, and illuminated manuscripts of the Byzantine world.

Largely forgotten since the introduction of oil paint, egg tempera has survived to our modern days of high technological innovation, mostly through the art of Russian and Greek icon writers.

A slow revival of this medium has taken shape in the years of late. However, a vast percentage of the population has insufficient knowledge of what egg tempera truly is, including artists, art gallery experts, auction professionals, who lack masterly understanding of this technique of painting.

In our ever-changing society, rare, long lasting traditions such as egg tempera painting need to be widely seen, promoted and the public made aware of the power and magic of egg tempera, and the artworks created by artists who are so dedicated to continue painting in this ancient medium in our modern age.